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So I just recently discovered how much of an impact food has on my mood. Looking back at high school, I recall the many days I attempted to starve myself to lose weight by skipping meals or just going days without eating, only to binge and then the cycle would continue again - starve, binge, starve, binge, starve, binge…

Add this to my low self esteem, and the product that comes about is an angsty, unhappy and insecure teenager. I remember thinking how strong my will power was compared to the other girls around me who would say “I love food, I could never go without it” as I’d trek through another day of not eating, and the whole time thinking “HA! I CAN totally go without food!”

I was aware of the fact that food was energy, but during those days when I would go without eating, I would think to myself: “HEY, I feel exactly the same as those other days when I do actually eat — food or no food, I feel the same”. But looking back, I’m starting to think that maybe my angst, low self esteem and my negative view on life during high school was significantly impacted by my dietary habits, and that I was clearly manipulated by my hunger during those days when I wouldn’t eat. Obviously those days of “starving” myself are long gone, but as of late, I have discovered just how important it is to EAT and just how much of a difference it makes to how your day goes.

Recently I have noticed that on the days I would rock up to work without having eaten a proper breakfast or skipped breakfast completely because of lack of time, I was unusually grumpy during the first few hours of my shift, only to feel all cheerful again once I finally ate my lunch. At first, I didn’t really notice how my “grumpy” mood was attributed to the fact that I skipped breakfast, but as those days of skipping breakfast became more frequent and I became more surly, I began to consider why I was feeling moody. At first, I blamed it on the job itself, but then… I noticed a trending pattern. My inner-grouch came out to play on the days when I didn’t have anything sustainable to eat at the beginning of the day, yet on the days I’d rock up to work with a satisfied appetite, I was as cheerful as ever.

Anyway, the point that I’m making is that food has a great impact on various aspects of life. Yes, like many of you, I struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with food, and it’s taken me a long time to realise how important healthy habits are to your overall being. But more than ever, I have realised the extent of just how important it is to have that healthy relationship with food. I feel like I have wasted so much of my life allowing food to dictate my life and letting it continue to make me feel unhappy about myself. I’m thinking maybe I wouldn’t have had such a miserable time in high school if only I had created healthy eating habits. 

To everyone out there who feels like food dictates their life, I understand you. I’ve been there, and every so often, I still have those days when food becomes my greatest enemy. But with every strength that I have, I’m going to make sure that it doesn’t continue to stop me from living my life. I’m going to continue to create and maintain healthy eating habits. Yes, there are going to be days when I will be naughty and cheat, but I’m not going to let it make me feel miserable. If anything, those days are important. But having a healthy relationship with food means embracing those days and then ensuring that I will begin the next day with the intention of being healthy and feeling good about myself knowing that I’m treating my body well.

With this in mind, I wish all of you the best of luck on your weight-loss journeys. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!

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I started this blog more than a year ago, and I lost my way for a while, but I’m back and more motivated than ever!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s to our weight loss goals! May we successfully get to our goal weights! We can do this!!!!

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